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Retirement Age Calculator

Retirement Age Calculator

“Those who are motivated to work till old age to build a huge retirement corpus, are required to provision for less number of years after retirement!”

Do the retirement calculations to find out if your retirement plan is on course for your desired retirement age. You might be surprised at how long you will need to work if you continue to invest for your retirement at the current rate. Fortunately, you have the luxury to change your retirement savings plan to help meet your retirement age target.

What is Retirement age?

Retirement ages are normally legislated by Governments around the World and these ages can vary quite significantly. There is a lot of debate around what the mandatory retirement age should be, considering we are living longer and need to sustain ourselves longer in retirement.

Interesting retirement age variances by country and gender. Male/Female.

Australia  58 years; 66 years*
Canada (CA)  65 years
Iceland (IS)  67  years
Japan (JP) 63 years / 61 years; 65*
Norway (NO)  62–75 years; 67 years*
Russia (RU) 60 years and 6 months / 55 years and 6 months
Switzerland (CH)  65 years / 64 years
USA (US)  66 years

For a complete list of mandatory retirement ages see this link

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Stay young at heart, kind in spirit, and enjoy retirement living.” 

– Danielle Duckery

Calculating your retirement age regularly will help keep you on track

Knowledge is power and knowing the age you will be able to retire is very comforting. You can make small adjustments to bring the age down and give you more choice. If you have enough money to retire at age 50, the choice is then yours! 


Are you enjoying what you do?


Does going to work every day excite you?


Can you imagine yourself doing what you do for the next 10 years?


Are you prepared to sacrifice now for financial independence at 50?


Would you rather be doing something else?


Are you using your talents in your work?


Is attaining financial security at 50 a goal of yours?

We all only get one shot at this thing called “LIVING” so lets enjoy every moment. Put yourself in a financial position where you have choice.