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Retirement Calculators

Retirement Calculators


Retirement Age Calculator

This calculator answers the question.

“At what age will I be able to retire?”

Retirement Savings Calculator

This calculator answers the question.

“How much do I need to save to retire at 50 (or any other age)?”

Retirement Value Calculator

This calculator answers the question.

“How much will I have when I retire?”

Mortgage Amortization Calculator

This calculator answers the question.

“How much will I save if I pay $xx extra into my mortgage”


“How many years earlier will I have paid off my mortgage by paying $xx extra every month?”

Retirement Goals

The sooner you start saving, the easier it gets to reach your financial goals at retirement. We cannot stress enough how important it is to start saving from your very first paycheck. Teach your children to start saving and you will have financially independent adults that will not have to live with you as Adults.

In 2020 almost half of young adults in America (18-29) live with their parents. Consider this for a moment….. Have you as a 40 or 50 year old factored this into your savings plan?

The question to ask is, “Do you want your adult children living with you up to age 29 or perhaps beyond? ” 

You have sacrificed to put them through school and University, or they may have large student loans which also need to be paid off. These debts are not going away any time soon while your adult children are unable to find work.

Teach your family to Set Retirement Goals

Setting retirement goals can be a very difficult concept to teach a younger generation that are obsessed with consumption. Younger generations have been taught to “live for today” and enjoy all that life has to offer. While this is true, you cannot “only” live for today, you will very likely be here tomorrow and for a very long time after that!

You cannot Invest what you have not saved!

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“Savings, remember, is the prerequisite of investment.”

― Campbell McConnell

“I want to travel while I’m young, make my schedule fit what I want to do more than what others tell me to do, and live my ideal life,”

― David Bradley (23 years old)

The gap between the Rich and the poor is growing at an alarming rate. Start saving as early in life as possible to prevent yourself from needing financial assistance from the State.


Frivelous expenditure costs you in the long run


Getting out of debt should be your first priority


Being finacially independent is the difference between child and adult


Save for big ticket items, try not to borrow


26% of Millenials think winning the lottery is their way to retirement


In 2016 the average retiree (50-75) has expenses over $50 000

Let that sink in. In 2016 retirees between 50 and 75 had average monthly expenditure over $50 000. Does your retirement plan allow for that?