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“Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.” — Benjamin Franklin

There is little as explanatory as a graph showing growth and the amazing phenomenon of compound interest.

Having a budget and paying attention to the the small amounts could just be the difference between retiring at fifty and working well into your seventies.

Saving and your savings having a meaninful impact on your life is dependent on regular saving.

“Stop buying things you don’t need, to impress people you don’t even like.” — Suze Orman

If you are still in your twenties or thirthies and are reading this, you are on a sure fire track to being financially secure. Whether you are looking at saving to buy a home or saving to reach your goal of being able to retire at Fifty should you wish to, saving is the answer to it all. See the difference a larger downpayment makes on your mortgage or increasing the payment every month makes. 

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Using the savings calculator

This savings calculator will answer the question “How much will I have iof I save $x every monthe over X years”. Regular monthly savings and not making any withdrawals hproduces such incredible savings, you will be inspired to save as much as possible and forego those silly purchases that mean little or nothing.  You will need to start taking notice of your internal dialogue that justifies purchases. You are very likely having a conversation with yourself every time you make an unnecessary purchase, you tell yourself that you need it, not want it. As soon as you can justify to yourself that you “need it” then the chances of you buying it are increased significantly.

Try to rtesist the urge to buy things that you “want” and don’t need. Add these amounts to your mortgage payment and use the mortgage calculator to check what the difference would be if you made small changes to your payment behaviour.

Make Retiring at fifty your retirement age goal

Having enough money saved that will enable you to retire when you reach the age of 50 is not so much a goal to retire exactly, as a goal to having the choice should you wish to retire or need to retire.

We all hope that we will remain healthy and of sound mind well into our later life, but there is no guarantee. If for any reason you are forced to retire due to ill health, you want to be financially able to look after yourself. The thing you do not want, is to have to rely of the federal government to take care of you in your old age.

If saving money is wrong, I don’t want to be right. 

– William Shatner

Give yourself the choice to retire at fifty if you choose to

Saving is something we should all do every month and let it not be part of your disposable income.


Compound interest is your best friend


Saving monthly could be the difference between a happy or unhappy retirement


Stay healthy and you will need less money in retirement


Saving is a choice, just as spending is a choice


Spend less than you earn and you will be rich


The young can have little money but not the old


Give something away and help others in need for mental well being


Look after the pennies and the Dollars will look after themselves